Overview. In their book, Active Hope, Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone recommend three realms of activity for living the Buddha’s teachings in our environmental relations: Learning, Connecting, and Acting. In keeping with their advice, the Groups section of the Earth Sila Community Center website provides information on how to Connect: with groups and organizations doing work either within the Wisdom Traditions or Program Areas featured on our website that may be of particular interest to you.

The Importance of Connection and Community. Within our Earth Sila Sangha—the grassroots Dharma-based environmental affinity group that produces and maintains the Earth Sila Community Center—we have found three forms of connection to be especially valuable. The first is connections with each other within our sangha; the second is with other Dharma-based environmental affinity groups and environmentally inclined sitting groups; and the third is with other faith-based and secular organizations doing work in the program areas featured on our site.

All of the contributing editors to the Earth Sila Community Center have some connection or interest in secular organizations listed under our program areas. So at our Earth Sila Sangha meetings, we spend some time first checking in with each other, then reporting on what our neighboring Dharma-based environmental groups or other faith-based and interfaith groups are up to, and then on what activities we may be engaged in with any of the secular groups listed under our program areas.

Join the Network of Dharma-based Grassroots Environmental Affinity Groups. Under the Buddhism heading of the Wisdom Traditions, you will find a category for Dharma-based Environmental Affinity Groups. If you belong to such a group or to a meditation sitting group with environmental interests, we actively encourage you to contribute a brief description of your group (including contact information) to the Earth Sila Community Center website. Click on the Join Us button for instruction on how to contribute your group description.

We are continuously compiling a directory of such groups, by region and province in North America, and at a broader international scope as well. In this way, anyone viewing the Groups listing of the Earth Sila Community Center website can learn where groups nearest them may be found, as well as how to contact and connect with them. So one way you can serve this process is to make sure your group is added to the network represented by this group listing. We’re looking forward to your contribution.