Groups - Christianity


Eco-Justice Ministries

 Eco-Justice Ministries is an independent, ecumenical agency that helps churches respond to the call to care for all of God’s creation and develop ministries that work toward social justice and environmental sustainability. They publish Eco-Justice Notes. Their website has links to religious denominations and agencies with eco/environmental justice ministries.

Loretto Earth Network:

The Loretto Earth Network “exists to educate and alert its members and all who would join them in both the mystery and miracle of creation and the crisis that threatens our universe.” They seek re-establishing right relationships between the human community and the Earth community. They have a quarterly newsletter on environmental issues and other resources, and also hold forums and conferences to build awareness and educate the public.

Quaker Earthcare Witness:

Quaker Earthcare Witness is a network of Friends (Quakers) and other like-minded people who are taking spirit-led action to address the ecological and social crises of the world from a spiritual perspective. Its primary calling is to facilitate transformation of humans’ attitudes, values, identity, and worldview that underlie much of the environmental destruction going on in the world today. QEW offers publications, opportunities for dialogue, and an annual gathering.