Groups - Environmental Health

Colorado Climate Network

CCN supports efforts by local governments and allied organizations in Colorado to reduce heat-trapping gases and to adapt to climate change. They track reports on related actions by the state legislature, the Hickenlooper Administration, and state agencies. 

Environment Colorado

 Environment Colorado is a statewide, citizen-based environmental advocacy organization conducting independent research to overcome the opposition of powerful special interests. Areas of advocacy include promoting legislation favorable to wind generation and rooftop solar, protecting Colorado streams and parks from oil and as exploration, stopping KXL pipeline, promoting better energy efficiency standards.

Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature:

Global Alliance emerged from the 2010 International Gathering for the Rights of Nature in Ecuador. Global Alliance advocates for a system of enforceable laws that will protect the independent rights of natural communities and ecosystems to exist and flourish–a system of law absent in almost every country where nature is considered property. Global Alliance holds letter writing campaigns, has sign-ons and helps with drafting local initiatives.

Friends of the Earth:

Friends of the Earth strives for a more healthy and just world, calling for “more than half measures.” They are an international organization , urging policy-makers to protect the environment and create a healthy world for everyone, whether the goal is politically easy or not. Their program areas include Climate & Energy, Food & Technology, Oceans & Forests, and Economics for the Earth.


Nationally, Greenpeace investigates, exposes, confronts, and informs the public about environmental abuse. They also champion environmentally responsible solutions such as sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and a nuclear-free world. They sometimes engage in non-violent direct action. Greenpeace focuses on protecting oceans and sea life from toxic waste, oil exploration, and unethical fishing & hunting. They also stand against fracking and coal or nuclear power generation. Supporters can be involved in many ways from signing petitions to responding to action alerts, and more.

Physicians for Social Responsibility National:

PSR was established in 1961, by a group of physicians concerned about the health effects of nuclear testing. Since 1992, PSR’s focus has expanded to include environmental degradation from toxins (including coal ash), climate change, and nuclear power plants. PSR produces its own publications, provides specialized training to professionals and the public, testifies before Congress, and conducts media interviews. Their information is appropriate for general public and is thoroughly cited. They also provide speakers.

Sierra Club National

The Sierra Club has a Moving Beyond Fossil Fuels (oil, coal, and gas) and an Our Wild America (protecting public lands from mining, drilling and climate disruption) campaign. Through lobbying; hosting events and actions; petitions; media outreach; publications and education; and litigation they promote responsible trade agreements, clean energy jobs, environmental justice, and getting corporate money out of government.

Union of Concerned Scientists National:

UCS is a national alliance of more than 400,000 citizens and scientists. They conduct research and analysis and provide testimony to government committees, send out action alerts, and produce articles and papers. Their website has reliable and extensive information from basic concepts of climate change to in-depth scientific papers on all aspects of climate change. Catalyst is their quarterly publication.