Groups - Food & Water Security

Clean Water Action

 CWA promotes clean, safe and affordable water; pollution prevention; environmentally safe jobs and businesses; and empowerment of people to make democracy work through organizing grassroots groups, coalitions and campaigns to elect environmental candidates and solve environmental and community problems. In Colorado, CWA campaigns focus on stopping fracking on BLM land in Denver’s watershed, increasing fracking setback from homes and schools, stopping pollution from coal-fired plants, and holding decision-makers accountable.

Colorado Community Rights Network

 Using methodology developed by the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, COCRN assists communities in creating local laws that assert their citizen’s community rights; drive legal change upward through the state and federal constitutions; and eliminate corporate power while promoting democracy and sustainability. COCRN was instrumental in the passage of the first local Bill of Rights in Lafayette, Colorado and in campaigning for a statewide initiative for a Colorado Community Rights Amendment.

Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund

CELDF is a national organization that works to help build sustainable communities by assisting people to assert their right to local self-government. CELDF seeks to bring about fundamental changes in the legal authority reserved for corporations through hosting Democracy Schools; assisting in grassroots organizing, public education, ordinance drafting, charter campaigns; and providing legal counsel. They maintain a State Law Center to assist Community Rights Networks in developing model legislation


Earthjustice is a national non-profit public interest environmental law organization with regional branches that handles hundreds of legal cases each year. Earthjustice works to strengthen existing laws and regulations to stop reliance on fossil fuel, protect already endangered ecosystems and vulnerable communities, and advance clean energy. The Rocky Mountain office is focused on challenging oil and gas development. They publish a quarterly magazine.

Food and Water Watch Denver

FWW Denver’s main focus is the Don’t Frack Denver (DFD) campaign that raises awareness about the treats of hydraulic fracturing in Denver and in the metro Denver watershed.  Volunteer opportunities include a rapid response letter to the editor network; lobbying; and participation in planning and attending rallies, film screenings, and other events. The DFD website has resources including fact sheets and studies.

Food and Water Watch

 FWW advocates for common sense policies that will result in healthy, safe food and access to safe and affordable drinking water. Issues include reducing fossil fuel emissions and banning hydraulic fracturing; opposing factory farming/antibiotics, GMOs, water privatization/bottled water; promoting food and water justice and safety. National website offers sign-on letters and petitions, reports, publications and many other resources.

Friends of the Earth:

Friends of the Earth strives for a more healthy and just world, calling for “more than half measures.” They are an international organization , urging policy-makers to protect the environment and create a healthy world for everyone, whether the goal is politically easy or not. Their program areas include Climate & Energy, Food & Technology, Oceans & Forests, and Economics for the Earth.


Nationally, Greenpeace investigates, exposes, confronts, and informs the public about environmental abuse. They also champion environmentally responsible solutions such as sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and a nuclear-free world. They sometimes engage in non-violent direct action. Greenpeace focuses on protecting oceans and sea life from toxic waste, oil exploration, and unethical fishing & hunting. They also stand against fracking and coal or nuclear power generation. Supporters can be involved in many ways from signing petitions to responding to action alerts, and more.

Physicians for Social Responsibility National:

PSR was established in 1961, by a group of physicians concerned about the health effects of nuclear testing. Since 1992, PSR’s focus has expanded to include environmental degradation from toxins (including coal ash), climate change, and nuclear power plants. PSR produces its own publications, provides specialized training to professionals and the public, testifies before Congress, and conducts media interviews. Their information is appropriate for general public and is thoroughly cited. They also provide speakers.

Weld Air and Water:

Weld Air and Water is a grassroots group of Weld County, Colorado citizens doing community organizing around oil and gas development in their neighborhoods. WAW advocates for greater regulation and monitoring of fracking sites, provides information for advocacy, and maintains a calendar of community and governmental meetings related to hydraulic well fracturing. WAW members circulate petitions and do canvassing. They have a legal defense fund for local residents needing help in confronting oil and gas companies.

Woodbine Ecology Center:

The Woodbine Ecology Center offers courses, workshops, and events related to social and ecological issues ranging from permaculture to restorative justice. WEC is based on the teachings and wisdom of indigenous people and emphasizes our connection to the earth, mutual aid, interdependence and appreciation. Their focus includes healing relationships with all beings, pursuing truth and social reconciliation, and decision-making that extends our responsibility to the next seven generations.