Groups - Interfaith


Colorado Interfaith Power and Light

COIPL is a multi-denominational faith-based organization that encourages faith communities to take the lead in caring for God’s creation by educating members about the causes and consequences of climate change, how to improve their own stewardship and reduce their carbon footprint, and how to advocate for policies to move the world away fossil fuel dependence. COIPL has sign-on petitions, resources and information, a local event calendar, and hosts an annual Creation Care Conference.

Interfaith Moral Action on Climate Change

Launched in 2011, IMAC brings together people of faith and good will (including Native American, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Baha’i and Hindu) in unified actions to awaken our nation’s leaders to their moral obligation to take urgent action on climate change. IMAC has developed the Peoples Climate Covenant which individuals and communities can endorse. Their “Move our Money” campaign urges that faith communities divest from fossil fuels. IMAC collaborates with other climate change action networks.