Join In


The Earth Sila Community Center is staffed entirely by volunteers and supported only by tax-deductible contributions from individuals and organizations. Below are some of the ways you can get involved in the operations and ongoing development of the Center.


Contribute Content. All the content in the Earth Sila Community Center Library and Group listings is user-contributed, and we invite you to become one of those contributors.

Listings in the Library and Group sections of the Center are in the form of abstracts. In the Library, each listing includes a citation to the work and a brief (50-75 words) summary of its content, whether printed matter or some other medium. Materials to be found online include hyperlinks to the source. Group listings include the name of the group and a brief description of its goals and activities.

We invite you to submit content to the Library and Group listings in any of our categories within the Wisdom Traditions and Program Areas. Prepare your abstract (50-75 words) including hyperlinks as necessary, and email it to us at A member of our editorial team will then vet it for content, and format it for upload to the appropriate location in the Center. You can send your abstract either as an enote or an attached text document.


Join our Editorial Team. Materials in the Earth Sila Community Center are all gathered, evaluated, edited, and prepared for upload to the website by members of our Editorial Team. Team members are contributing editors who have an interest in and knowledge of various program areas and Wisdom traditions featured in the Center.

If you wish to join us in the ongoing co-creation of the Center at this level of active involvement, send us an enote [1] expressing your particular interest area in the Center, [2] briefly describing your Dharma study and practice background, and [3] noting any sangha or sitting group you may be a member of. A committee of team members will review and respond to your statement of interest in a timely way. Openings on the editorial team depend in part on what program areas and Wisdom traditions need coverage at a given point in time.


Blog for Us. Do you have particular knowledge and interest in any of the Program Areas or Wisdom traditions featured in the Center? If so, we have multiple opportunities for you to express your views and reflections in the form of a blog. Should you wish to create one, please send it to us either as an enote or attached text file. Give your blog a title, and be sure to include your name and any institutional affiliation you might want known.

Your piece should be no longer than about 750 words. The editorial team will evaluate it for need and relevance to the Center’s goals, and how well it comports with the Buddha’s criteria for wise speech (see the Wise Speech and Expression program area description).


Contribute Support. As noted at the bottom of the Center’s Home Page, support for the founding and initial build-out of the Earth Sila Community Center has been provided by a mix of internal support from the Insight Meditation Community of Colorado, external foundation grant funding, and in-kind contributions from the website development. Maintenance and further enhancement of the site’s capabilities will to an increasing extent depend on contributions from visitors to the Center who find it useful, and wish to express their gratitude through a monetary donation.

Dana is the Pali word for such gifts freely given, especially in gratitude for receiving Dharma teachings and services. We are in the process of setting up a means for making electronic contributions for the support of the Earth Sila Community Center.