Purpose of the Center

IMG_1532[2]History of Community Centers. Whether in the realm of civil rights and liberties, health care access, or environmental quality and care, meaningful grassroots involvement in achieving these goals has always been supported by community centers established for that purpose. And such centers always include a library for educating visitors on the issues, access to groups who are working on the cause, and a bulletin board with late-breaking developments and a calendar of activities.

The Earth Sila Community Center is a virtual rather than physical center, but its purpose is very much in keeping with this grassroots organizing tradition. In addition to being virtual rather than physical, another difference between our Center and more politically oriented ones is that our purpose is to educate visitors on matters related to Buddhism and environmental care, and to apprise them of relevant groups and activities. But it is not to advocate a particular course of political action or support for a particular political leader.

Come See for Yourself. As did the Buddha, we invite you to come educate yourself, learn what relevant communities of interest are doing, and then decide for yourself what course of action seems most relevant and meaningful for you. We’re here to support your own exploration of how to live the Buddha’s teachings in our environmental relations; but not to persuade you to take a specific course of action. Only you can truly know what path you should follow in these matters, and with whom you’d like to walk along the way.