Who We Are


Some ESS founders calling Earth to witness, 2014.


Earth Sila Sangha is a grassroots Dharma based environmental affinity group, founded by members the Insight Meditation Community of Denver. Since 2014, we have been meeting regularly to explore ways to live the Buddha’s teachings to our environmental relations, through study, connection with others, and mindful action. Our main service activity is production and growth of this website, the Earth Sila Community Center, to help individuals and groups like ours to likewise learn, connect, and act.

Insight Meditation Community of Colorado is a state and federally recognized tax-exempt religious organization of which the Insight Meditation Community of Denver and several other Insight Meditation groups in Colorado are constituent members. IMCC is the official host of the Earth Sila Community Center website; thus all contributions made in support of the site are tax-deductible.  The Earth Sila Community Center director is Lloyd Burton, PhD. senior resident teacher at the Insight Meditation Community of Denver and President of the Board of the Insight Meditation Community of Colorado.